Crown Adaptation Partnership

The Crown Adaptation Partnership (CAP) is a team leading the development and delivery of adaptive management measures to address climate change in the Crown of the Continent. CAP’s focus is identified conservation priorities under the CMP’s Transboundary Conservation Initiative. It is comprised of representatives from the Crown Managers Partnership, the Crown Conservation Initiative, the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnership, and The Wilderness Society.

The CAP team has played an integral role in leading and planning the the 2015 CMP Forum on terrestrial invasive species and the 2016 CMP Forum on five needle pine.

The CAP team developed a webinar that focused on the key climate change adaptation conservation priorities that the team is working on with our partners under the Transboundary Conservation Initiative. 

View the CAP Webinar on Youtube: Click here

Biographies of the presenters for the CAP Webinar

PDF File of CAP Webinar

CAP Toolbox: Outlines conservation priorities and provides links to various on-line resources.