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The Interactive Catchment Explorer (ICE) is a data visualization tool for exploring geospatial environmental datasets.

ICE is designed to:

  1. Identify spatial patterns among local population patches of the individual covariates and vulnerability assessment risk scores for each species,
  2. View the distribution of values for each variable using histograms,
  3. Apply dynamic and interactive filters to identify which patches meet one or more specific criteria and to discover relationships between individual variables.

Native Salmonids

Bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout are found in the Crown. Increasing stream temperatures are expected to reduce the availability of suitable habitat for bull trout and increase levels of hybridization between westslope cutthroat trout and non-native trout species.

In November 2014, the Crown Managers Partnership, The Wilderness Society, Crown Conservation Initiative and the Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnership held a workshop in Kalispell, MT entitled "Piloting Adaptation Strategies to Reduce Vulnerability and Increase Resiliency for Native Salmonids in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem."

Following the workshop a shortlist of potential projects were identified that focused on increasing resiliency, securing and restoring critical habitat and protecting native populations.

The CMP will focus on the implementation of these strategies:

  • Conduct a conservation population assessment for native salmonids in the Crown;
  • Replicate, restore and/or translocate native salmonid        populations to cold water refugia in priority trans-boundary watersheds east of the Divide;
  • Export successful bull trout translocations piloted in the North Fork of the Blackfoot to other landscapes;
  • Suppress invasive rainbow trout in the Transboundary Flathead and
  • Implement best management practices to other locales (if translocation is unsuccessful).

Thank you to Johnny Armstrong, USGS for the use of the photos on this page.


Relevant Crown Research

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