The Crown Managers Partnership is open to all science and resource management agencies within the Crown of the Continent Region. This includes First Nations/Tribes, Federal agencies and Provincial or State agencies, universities and local governments.

The Crown of the Continent Region is loosely defined by the Rocky Mountain ecoregion from the Bob Marshall wilderness complex in Montana to the Highwood River in Alberta and the Elk Valley in B.C. This boundary is necessarily indistinct, reflective of its ecological rather than political derivation.

Staff involvement is determined by each agency. However, as a principle, the Partnership focuses on senior/middle managers and those technical and professional staff who are managing programs with adjacent jurisdictions.

Partnership responsibilities include:

  • Pooling expertise in pursuit of the vision;
  • Fostering an understanding and support for the CMP within member agencies;
  • Contributing in-kind, financial resources and staff resources in support of the vision and mission of the CMP.

The Crown Managers Partnership seek to collaborate with other transboundary organizations that are working within the Crown of the Continent. 


The CMP has joined forces with the Crown Conservation Initiative and The Wilderness Society under the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continents' Adaptive Management Initiative to form the Crown Adaptation Partnership. The Crown Adaptation Partnership facilitates efforts by state and federal agencies, Tribes, First Nation, universities, non-governmental organizations and community stakeholders to implement coordinated, effective climate change adaptation strategies across the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem based on the best available science.

By working together we seek to:

  • identify shared adaptation strategies that build resilience
  • convene experts to catalyze adaptation prototypes across the CCE
  • coordinate strategies at multiple scales to enhance learning and adaptive management and
  • support pilot projects for climate adaptation across the CCE.


The Crown Managers Partnership has received funding from the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) to help in conducting landscape analyses and determing ecosytem health of the CCE. The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) is one of 22 LCCs in an international network established by U.S. Department of the Interior to advance collaborative landscape conservation.