Looking back at previous CMP Forums:

2001 – Trans-boundary Collaboration Cranbrook, BC

2002 - Cumulative Effects  Whitefish, MT

2003 - Conservation Education Pincher Creek, AB

2004 - Wildfire Cranbrook, BC

2005 - Invasive Plant Management Kalispell, MT

2006 - Watershed Management & Partnerships Lethbridge, AB

2007 - Ecological Health in the CoC Cranbrook, BC

2008 - Large Carnivores Somers, MT

2009 - Ecological Health Pincher Creek, AB


2010 - Climate Change Fernie, BC

2010 CMP Overview

Implications for Forest Dynamics- Lori Daniels

Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Watersheds - David Sauchyn

Implications for Fisheries - Clint Muhlfeld

Great Northern Landscape Conservation - Anne Carlson

Species and Landscapes and People Responses to Climate Change - Gary Tabor

Regional Climate Change and Variability Projections - David Sauchyn

Scenario Planning - Jack Potter

Flowing to the Future - Stewart Rood


2011 - Aquatic Invasive Species - Polson, MT

2011 Forum Summary

2011 The Crown, the CMP and its work, Ian Dyson

CMP Ecological Health Project 2011, Erin Sexton

Which Invaders Will Prevail in Flathead Lake, Bonnie Ellis

Vampires in the Basement, Mike Sullivan/Travis Ripley

Eurasion Milfoil in Coeur D'Alene Lake, Dave Lamb

Myths and Truths in the Quest for Sustainability, Jack Stanford

Economic Risk Associated with the Potential Establishment of Zebra and Quagga Mussels, John Duffield

Don't Give AIS the Crown, Doug Jensen

Don't Move a Mussel, Eileen Ryce

AIS Risk Assessment and Prevention Program Development in GNP, Chris Downs

AIS Policy in the West, Erik Hanson


2012 CMP Forum: Connections to the Land: Tribes and First Nations in the COC

Creating the West - Dr. Brian Reeves

Overview of the Crown Managers Partnership - Ian Dyson

Managing for Ecological Health at a Regional Scale - Erin Sexton

Exploring Trans-boundary Conservation through Blackfeet Dialogue - Keith Aune and Leroy Little Bear

Kainai Land and Resource Management - Okan Hungry Wolf and Kansie Fox

Building Capacity for First Nations Land Management in Canada - Leona Irons

The Role of Flathead Lake in Bull Trout Management - Barry Hansen

Ktunaxa Language Retention: Efforts, Challenges and Our Future - Melanie Sam and Don Sam

Connections to the Land: A Ktunaxa Perspective - Kathryn Teneese


2013 CMP Forum: Large Landscapes: Working Across Boundaries

2013 Forum Presentations

Dale Becker - U.S. HWY 93 Reconstruction on the Flathead Indian Reservation

Gary Tabor - Centre for Large Landscape Scale Conservation

Greg McDermid - Transboundary Solutions to Ecosystem Management at the Landscape Scale

Joanne Schuett-Hames - Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group

Michael Proctor - Fine Scale Linkages and Conservation for Grizzly Bears

John Weaver - Safe Havens, Safe Passages for Vulnerable Fish and Wildlife:Critical Landscapes in Southern Canada, British Columbia and Montana - Report

Click here to read an article on John Weaver's report on Critical Landscapes in Southern Canada, British Columbia and Montana

Chip Weber and Anne Carlson - Applying Science to Management at Landscape Scales: The Southwestern Crown of the Continent

Richard Paisley - Governance and International Waters: Lessons Learned and Experiences

Bill Dolan - Crown Managers Partnership Overview


2014 CMP Forum: Managing for Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem

2014 CMP Forum - Scenario Planning Report


Taking Action on Climate Change Workshop Report


Molly Cross - Setting the Stage for Adaptively Managing for Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem


Cathy Whitlock - Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent: Historical and Projected Trends - Management Implications


Climate Change Impacts Panel: Establish Key Resource Issues Around Forests, Grasslands Aquatic Systems and Wildfire


Adaptive Strategies Panel: Reflections on Resource Management Under Changing Conditions

Management Response Options- Leigh Welling

Exploring Futures for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem - Leigh Welling

Thinking Scenarically in Your Day Job- Lara Hansen

To view the outputs from the Taking Actin on Climate Change Workshop that took place following hte 2014 CMP Forum click here