CMP Steering Committee

The Crown Managers Partnership chooses an Interagency Steering Committee (Steering Committee) from their members, which includes representatives from aboriginal agenices; Federal, Provincial and State agencies; the Universities of Calgary and Montana; and the Secretariat. The Steering Committee strives for representation from a variety of geographic areas and resource management sectors.

The Steering Committee takes its direction from the Partnership through the Annual Forum, and implements that direction through annually-reviewed Strategic Plans and Annual Workplans.

Steering Committee responsibilities include:

  • maintenance and direction of the strategic and annual work plans;
  • fund development to support the CMP's work;
  • promotion of the CMP, both within and outside of their own agencies;
  • oversight of the Secretariat, and any other entities operating on the CMP's behalf; and
  • maintenance of the Steering Committee membership.

The 2018 Steering Committee consists of the following representatives:

  • Mary Riddle, Glacier National Park, MT
  • Len Broberg, University of Montana, MT
  • Erin Sexton, Flathead Lake Biological Station, MT
  • Paul Azevedo, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, MT
  • Dennis Madsen, Waterton Lakes National Park, AB
  • Rob Davies, Flathead National Forest, MT
  • Mike Munoz, Lewis and Clark National Forest, MT
  • Greg Watson, United States Fish and Wildlife, MT
  • Linh Hoang, United States Forest Service, MT
  • Mike Durglo, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe, MT
  • Mike Bruised Head, Blood Tribe, AB
  • Rob Simieritsch, Alberta Environment and Parks, AB
  • Dona Rutherford, Blackfeet Tribe, MT
  • Joe Ashor, Montana Bureau of Land Management, MT
  • Brian Marotz, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

CMP Secreteriat:

  • Sasha Harriott:

CMP GIS Technician and Data Manager

  • Phil Matson: