Strategic Conservation Framework

The Crown Managers Partnership has released its new guiding document the Strategic Conservation Framework. The Framework will provide direction for the CMP for 2016 through 2020. Check it out.


2016 Crown Managers Partnership Forum - March 15-17, 2016 - Fernie, BC

The Crown Managers Partnership will be holding it's 16th annual forum in Fernie, British Columbia on March 15 - 17, 2016. The topic of the Forum is "We Need the Needles: Coordinating Action to Conserve 5-Needle Pine Forests in the Crown of the Continent" 


Snowpack Analysis Webinar:

"Ranking Watersheds for Climate Change Resilience Using Historical Snowpack Data", presented by Len Broberg, University of Montana.

Check out one of the projects the CMP has been working on! If you missed the webinar follow this link to view the recorded version. A big thanks goes out to the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative for including and hosting this webinar as part of their series.




Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Facts

Size: 72,000 km2/28,000 mi2/18,000,000 acres/7 million ha

Population of the CCE: ~175000 (circa 2000)

Largest metropolitan area in the CCE: Kalispell - ~20000

Percent of the CCE that is publicly owned land: Lots! About 61-62%



Keep aquatic invasive species out of the Crown of the Continent!

Check this out:

An Aquatic Invasive Species guide for AIS that are threatening the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. For a digital copy of the guide click here.


2011-2015 Strategic Plan

The revised strategic plan remains focused on achieving an ecologically healthy Crown of the Continent Ecosystem and it will provide guidance and focus for science and resource managers of the Crown Managers Partnership over the next 5 years. To obtain a copy of the Strategic Plan click here.

Managing for Ecological Health

The Crown Managers Partnership seeks demonstrate a common, collective institutional capacity across borders to effectively manage the cumulative effects of human activities and land use practices on interconnected landscape of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. For more information on the Ecological Health Project click here.





The Crown Managers Partnership seeks to demonstrate leadership in addressing the environmental management challenges in the Crown region by adopting transboundary collaborative approaches to environmental management. The voluntary partnership seeks to build common awareness of Crown interests and issues, shape relationships, and identify collaborative and complementary tasks that the various participating jurisdictions can pursue.

The CMP seeks to improve the management of a large complex ecoregion containing multiple jurisdictions. This is accomplished by management agencies working together in the Crown of the Continent.

The Crown of the Continent Managers Partnership seeks to:

  • build awareness of common interests and issues in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
  • build relationships and opportunities for collaboration across mandates and borders
  • identify collaborative work already underway and opportunities for further cooperation

CMP collaborative tasks include:

  • Addressing cumulative effects of human activities across the ecosystem
  • Addressing increased public interest in how lands are managed and how decisions are reached
  • Addressing increased recreational demands and increased visitation
  • Collaborate in sharing data, standardizing assessment and monitoring methodologies
  • Addressing the maintenance and sustainability of shared wildlife populations